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Vintage I.w.

Vintage I.w. Rice And Co Irice Japan Perfume Bottle W Vanity Plate Tray Platter


Vintage I.w.

Vintage I.w. Rice And Co Irice Japan Vanity Plate Tray Platter Flowers Yellow H


Irice Butterfly

Irice Butterfly Tray


Vintage Irice

Vintage Irice Dresser Tray Floral Bouquet Gold Trim For Perfume Jewelry Notions


Vintage Irice

Vintage Irice Tray - Trinket Or Soap Dish - 'woven' Look - Cherubbabyfigurine


Irice Irving

Irice Irving W Rice Hand Painted 7.25 X 5.25 Vanity Tray


3-piece Irice

3-piece Irice Handpainted Cologne Bottles With Matching Tray Set


Vintage Handpainted

Vintage Handpainted Irice Porcelain Tray, 381-k


Beautiful Vintage

Beautiful Vintage Irice Hand Painted Vanity Tray Hand Painted Gold White


An Irice

An Irice Product - Vintage Hand Painted Soap Dish - Trinket Tray