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Very Rare

Very Rare Figural Stippled Celluloid Hand Mirror Tape Measurenovelty


1907 Coca

1907 Coca Cola Coke Pocket Celluloid Advertising Mirror Bastian Bros Original Nm


1910 Coca

1910 Coca Cola Coke Pocket Celluloid Advertising Mirror J.b Carroll Original Nm


Htf Early

Htf Early 1900s Celluloid Coca Cola Advert Scratchesmirror Girl Coke 1914


Htf Early

Htf Early 1900s Celluloid Coca Cola Advert Mirror Girl Drinking C.1914



Celluloid Coca Cola Advert Pocket Mirror Girl Htf Early 1900sc.1914


Htf Early

Htf Early 1900s Coca Cola Celluloid Advert Pocket Mirror Girl 1914v


Gorgeous Antique

Gorgeous Antique Venetian Glass Tri-fold Wall Mirror W Celluloid


1900s Celluloid

1900s Celluloid Coca Cola Mirror Circa.1914 Early Americana Collectible


Htf Early

Htf Early 1900s Celluloid Coca Cola Mirror Circa.1914


Rare Vintage

Rare Vintage Allyn's Dyeing And Cleaning Portland Oregon Celluloid Pocket Mirror


Rare Pair

Rare Pair Topless Cupid Advertising Pocket Mirror And Celluloid Notebook


Early 1900s

Early 1900s Celluloid Coca Cola Advert Green Pocket Mirror Girl Drinking C.1914


Victorian Tri-fold

Victorian Tri-fold Beveled Mirror With Celluloid Prints - Dated 1899


Rare King

Rare King Arthur Flour Celluloid Pocket Mirror


Circa 1910

Circa 1910 Malt Rainier Beer Celluloid Pocket Mirror Advertising Tape Measure


Collectible 1899

Collectible 1899 Antique Brass Tri-fold Celluloid Back Bevel Glass Vanity Mirror


Early 1900

Early 1900 Continental Cubes Pipe Tobacco Celluloid Advertising Mirror


Celluloid Pocket

Celluloid Pocket Mirror Ganahal Lumber Co. St. Louis Mint Early Truck


1909 Coca

1909 Coca Cola Coke Pocket Celluloid Advertising Mirror J.b Carroll Original


Antique Tri

Antique Tri Fold Mirror,victorian Celluloid Panel,brass Frame


Rare King's

Rare King's Puremalt Pre-prohibition Beer Celluloid Pocket Mirror Pin Holder


C.1912 Hackney's

C.1912 Hackney's Sea Food Atlantic City N.j. Lobster Celluloid Pocket Mirror


Very Htf

Very Htf 1909 Gillette Safety Razor Advertising Celluloid Pocket Mirror Great


Antique Lady

Antique Lady With A Mirror Tape Measure Figural, Celluloid Measuring Novelty


Very Early

Very Early De Laval Cream Separators Dairy Advertising Celluloid Pocket Mirror


Antique Celluloid

Antique Celluloid Sma Baby Formula Advertising Pocket Button Sign Mirror Ohio


Vintage 1930's

Vintage 1930's Wind Up Celluloid Baby Girl With Mirror And Powder Puff


Rare Vintage

Rare Vintage Dauntless Flour Celluloid Pocket Mirror


Celluloid X

Celluloid X 2 Pocket Mirror And Turtle Paperweight Dames Of Malta Philadelphia Pa



Antique Celluloid, Lotus Export Adam Scheidt Brewing Co. Pocket Mirror.


C.1910 Hyklas

C.1910 Hyklas Beverages Ginger Ale Soda Cleveland Ohio Celluloid Pocket Mirror


Rare 1940

Rare 1940 Plymouth And Dodge Celluloid Sample Paperweight Pocket Mirror


Circa 1900

Circa 1900 Milton Dairy's Star Brand Butter Minnesota Celluloid Pocket Mirror


Gorgeous Asti

Gorgeous Asti Girl Advertising Celluloid Pocket Mirror Hunt's Cash Store Pretty


Antique Vintage

Antique Vintage Tri Fold Oval Mirror Free Standing Beveled Glass Celluloid


Circa 1920s

Circa 1920s Fort Bedford P-nut Butter Advertising Celluloid Back Mirror


Art Deco

Art Deco Vintage Antique Vanity Set Large Case Celluloid Powder Jars Mirror 13pc


Antique Advertising

Antique Advertising Celluloid Pocket Mirror, Hotel Statler, Buffalo, New York


C.1900 King

C.1900 King Tomato Filler Salem Nj Farm Advertising Celluloid Pocket Mirror


Pocket Mirror

Pocket Mirror Orig Celluloid Continental Cubes Pipe Tobacco Advertising Sexylady


Antique Victorian

Antique Victorian Celluloid Brass Vanity Dresser Box Gypsy Lady Brush


Original Rare

Original Rare Late 1920s Parisian Novelty Co. Self-advertising Celluloid Mirror


Hanover Wire

Hanover Wire Chain Co. Hanover, Pa. Vintage Celluloid Mirror Paperweight


Keystone Overalls

Keystone Overalls Celluloid Advertising Mirror The Mascuerader Rare


Brotherhood Overalls

Brotherhood Overalls Celluloid Advertising Mirror The Mascuerader Rare


Art Deco

Art Deco 1920's 2-tone Celluloid Dance Vanitycompact Flip Purse Wmirror


Antique Art

Antique Art Deco Celluloid Vanity Set And Victorian Mirror


Antique Tri-fold

Antique Tri-fold 3 Panel Mirror Celluloid Victorian Era


Excellent Sharples

Excellent Sharples Tubular Cream Separator Advertising Celluloid Pocket Mirror


Very Rare

Very Rare Graphic Celluloid Pocket Mirror Advertising France Wig Merchant


Antique Tri

Antique Tri Fold Folding Dresser Beveled Mirror 2 Celluloid Panel Brass Frame


Atq Art

Atq Art Deco Molded Celluloid Lipstick Mirror Make Up Compact Powder Case Ms5


Advertising Photo

Advertising Photo Pocket Mirror Celluloid Sepia Child Bunny Ler Man Studio Nj


Vintage Monogram

Vintage Monogram Ghb Celluloid Vanity Mirror Brush Hair Nails 5 Piece Set


Rare Celluloid

Rare Celluloid Advertising Pocket Mirror Veatch Photography Cedar Falls Iowa


Circa 1910

Circa 1910 Rhodes Butter Denver Colorado Dairy Celluloid Pocket Mirror


1930's Ildefonso

1930's Ildefonso Herva Mate Barrel Celluloid Advertising Pocket Mirror


1920's Medias

1920's Medias Solis Sensual Lady Celluloid Advertising Pocket Mirror


1930's Yerba

1930's Yerba Mate Sara Celluloid Advertising Pocket Mirror


Original Antique

Original Antique G.felsenthalandsons,celluloid Advertising Thermometerandmirror Sign


Vintage 1920s

Vintage 1920s Art Deco French Ivory Celluloid Dresser Hand Mirror 15 Long Large


Gar 1910

Gar 1910 Weirs New Hampshire Celluloid Mirror Badge


Rare Antique

Rare Antique Standard Charcoal Grocers Advertising Celluloid Pocket Mirror Sign


Philadelphia Chichester

Philadelphia Chichester Chemical Celluloid Advertising Portrait Pocket Mirror


Fantastic Antique

Fantastic Antique French Celluloid Compact With Mirror And Original Puff


Antique Anchor

Antique Anchor Storage Advertising Celluloid Paperweight Pocket Mirror Chicago